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With the increase in break-ins and theft, there is a need for security and peace of mind.
Coshocton Electric, CEI is now offering home security and fire detection systems with 24/7 emergency monitoring and medical alert, at a low monthly rate. Many insurance company's offer a reduced insurance rate for these installations. Call for details and a free home evaluation.

Coshocton Electric Inc. was incorporated in 1991 as electrical contracting business.

Our Motto, "If it takes a wire, we do it."

We are a licensed electrical contractor, fire and security, National Electrical Contractors member, and A+ BBB rated. We offer quality and experience at a fair price. Honesty, no gimmicks.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Electric Contractor License
• Fire Alarm Contractors License, Individual Alarm Installers Licenses, Alarm Technician NICET Certified
• Capstone Certification for Solar & Wind Energy - Wind Turbine Certification
• ASHI Approved Certification

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Services Offered:

  • Fire Alarm Inspections & Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cabeling
  • Security
  • DVR
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Video Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Monitoring At A Reasonable Rate
Coshocton Security Company: Making Life Safer

It’s not uncommon to read about break-ins right in your own neighborhood, considering the continued rise in crime in the country. It is just wishful thinking to keep believing that burglary and other crimes always happen to someone else and it will never affect you. Anyone can be the victim of an intrusion. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to prevent such incidents and protect your valuable possessions. With a professional Coshocton Security Company, you will have the peace of mind that your property is in capable and trustworthy hands. A variety of security options are available for personal and business needs through your local Coshocton Security Company.

It is a misconception by many that their insurance policy is going to be enough to take care of everything in the event of loss due to theft. Insurance will certainly provide some protection for items that are stolen but you may find that the pay out falls short of your actual loss. What about the loss of your security? An insurance policy can’t take care of everything. Let an experienced Coshocton Security Company install an alarm system that makes it impossible for burglars to break into. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is really the stance you need to take when it comes to safeguarding yourself against the rising instances in crime. A Coshocton Security Company will provide you with the best in security prevention.

Quality Protection from a Coshocton Security Company

In order to stay ahead of a potential intrusion, it’s necessary to think like a criminal. This is rather difficult for most people to do. A professional Coshocton Security Company puts itself in the criminal’s shoes to painstakingly analyze your property as a potential target for burglary or break-in. A Coshocton Security Company can work with you to fix the at risk areas and find the best options for increasing your over all security.

In the event of a break-in, a diligent Coshocton Security Company ensures an immediate alert and response. An array of security devices that can protect you from a potential break-in can be installed by a skilled Coshocton Security Company. The alarm system can even alert the police of an occurring intrusion. The intruder may be frightened away by the sound emitted by the device and it will also give you enough time to vacate the area.

Coshocton Security Company: Finding the Security Weaknesses

The trained professionals at a Coshocton Security Company will objectively evaluate the outside and inside of your property. Is your community a small town where people are familiar with each other? Are people resorting to criminal activity as way to make a living because of the high rate of unemployment? Are you located in an area of town that is busy during the week day but quiet at night? Or is it a wealthy neighborhood with husbands gone all day and wives and children alone at home? A knowledgeable Coshocton Security Company can easily pinpoint potential qualities that a burglar would find attractive about your community.

By viewing your property from outside a Coshocton Security Company can see exactly what someone staking out your property might see. A skilled Coshocton Security Company will take a note of easy entry and exit points to your home that might lure a potential criminal. Countermeasures may be simple fixes. Make certain that valuables are not readily accessible and that all doors and windows are kept locked. Small shrubs with sharp thorns may be a good deterrent as are having well lit areas. For guaranteed security and complete peace of mind, invest in a monitored security system with the help of a Coshocton Security Company.

A professional Coshocton Security Company will go over the inside of your property looking for vulnerable areas. They will inspect the security level of your windows and doors and how well your valuables are secured. They will even look at all the personal information that gets thrown into the trash. Following the inspection, the Coshocton Security Company will go over the weaknesses with you and install the best security system for your particular situation.

Limit and Prevent Crime with a Professional Coshocton Security Company

With the help of a Coshocton Security Company you can substantially reduce the risk of a home invasion. An experienced Coshocton Security Company can provide a wide variety of options from security monitoring products, safes, cameras, alarm systems and motion sensors. Having a home safe to store valuables can be a good investment. Even if an intruder did break in, it’s unlikely that he could get into the safe or manage to carry it away. These security options are not just for homes, but they come in handy for small businesses as well.
Crime statistics show that it is becoming more important everyday to improve the security of your home and business. Talk with an experienced Coshocton Security Company professional today to safeguard your home, family and business.


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